Envision To Profit from the Power of Mobile Social Media in Social Customer Engagement

Learn Effective Mobile Optimized Strategies from the Best of both Chinese and Western Worlds to Grow Your Business

Laura Maya

How do you harness the power of social media and mobile interactivity to its fullest potential? 

Mobile internet enabled devices including iPad , smartphones, netbooks and Portable digital game player can offer engaging opportunities and add more value to the consumer personal experience whilst engaging them with exciting content that will allow them to share to their friends through Mobile social media. 

Today, both consumers and marketers are increasingly surfing information and connecting with each other through the technological platform .They blog and are quick to share their views especially with easy access from their Mobile gadgets and Smartphones .The mobile technology has brought forth a revolutionary transformation in the way we communicate with each other.


The Mobile and Social Revolution provide plenty of opportunities in dynamics of monetization which prompts fierce competition and evolves new trends dictating its development .Marketers and entrepreneurs will learn key information from this book concerning the key players in the mobile social networking market , their strategies and plans to adopt new business models as they get more sophisticated as the technology advances.