Visitors From The Other Side

by Robert Michael Wynn




Mystical occurrences will inject chills directly to your spines as you witness TAKEOVER 2: VISITORS FROM THE OTHER SIDE.


In this book, the author unravels the truth of his documented events that impacted a family of five in an emotional manner similar to conducting an investigation of a major crime scene. He employed the skills developed over the course of a police career, which included both interviewing and interrogating techniques to obtain accurate information to catalogue the facts.


The story follows the leader of a paranormal group who issued a challenge to a demonic entity while conducting an investigation in a home on Raven Lane in Lake of the Woods, Virginia. The leader had no idea of the rank status or the power of the unseen foe. At the time, the shadow man was surrounded by lower ranking dark spirits who heard the challenge also. The threat was unfortunate for his team members who suffered the consequences.


Embark on a mystical adventure filled with suspense, thrills and surprises through this riveting book!