Author Information

Charlotte S. Scarcelli has been writing and editing, both officially and unofficially, for most of her life. She even taught others how to write. Now that she is retired from a 9 to 5 job, she has achieved the freedom to pursue publication of a story she has dreamed of telling for some time. This first book is for her dearly-loved children and grandchildren to enjoy together, along with many other children in the world of reading. It tells a story from an important period in our country's history.

I read, as they say, voluminously, and one of my favorite genres is historical fiction. It's not surprising, therefore, to discover that this venture into publication is also historical fiction. My story has a semi-fictitious setting and it tells a story of what might have happened in the past.

The Secret of the Old House is about the Underground Railroad. I know that this story might have happened here in West Lafayette, where I live with my two Siamese kittens, because stories like it did happen in Lafayette, right across the Wabash River from us.

- Charlotte S. Scarcelli